The African Place is the largest African imports retailer in the South. We carry a wide assortment of African clothing, Rasta apparel,  statues,  artifacts, artwork, musical instruments, jewelry, oils, shea butter, soaps, personal care products, meditational items, candles, and GEMSTONES plus a conscious BLACK BOOK STORE with TAROT CARDS  and DVDs. The African Place houses a large selection of METAPHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL supply including over 80 HOLISTIC HEALING HERBS.
The African Place was created in 1999 as West African Artifacts, it was renamed The African Place, in 2010.  As a part of the Tri-state area (Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi), our efforts are to strongly meet additional demands for our wide selection of African creations by advertising via website, social media, and word of mouth. Also, ENJOY  The African Place Cafè and The Lion’s Den, the rental venue.