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It is the Melanin biopolymer that has been identified to control all major hormonal, Neurological, and all systems responsible for environmental adaptations within the Hueman body.

This book has been written with the focus to update the reader on the vital activities and life-sustaining attributes of Melanin, all of which are needed for Hueman tissue evolution in the 21st Century. The information offers stimulating reading to promote you to reevaluate your present attitudes & opinions regarding this vital life promoting pigment.

In order to” free” the MELANIN Biopolymer of past biases, judgments and criticisms, all of which inhibits its phonon-electron-photon capabilities has become necessary. The process of Personal self-reflection to identify and neutralize any biased or critical perceptions surrounding ones Melanin encourages a biological and physiological chemical state to be produced within the body. This altered blood quality, will support the full activation of Melanin. The reader must examine their past and present attitudes surrounding this vital life sustaining, LIGHT modulating substance, in order to experience the full evolution of our Hueman bodies .The metamorphosis of the Hueman body is required now, to enable oneself to experience health and wellbeing throughout the 21st Century.

Active Melanin extends optimal support to all tissues composing the Hueman body and especially its genetic sequencing resources. This book brings to light the biological, physiological as well as the Mental and emotional environment Melanin requires; to operate in a perpetual efficient state of cellular regeneration, heat and Light energy modulation and genetic evolution of the body in general. The contents of this book profoundly provoke your attention to appreciate “how wonderfully you are made”.


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