The Life and Times of John Henrik Clarke


Pan African Nationalism In The Americas: The Life And Times Of John Henrik Clarke
by Julius E. Thompson (Editor), James L. Conyers Jr.

As one of the pioneering scholars in the discipline of Africana Studies, John Henrik Clarke spent majority of his adult life, researching, rescuing, constructing debating, and preserving the study of African world history. His unique style and analysis postured from a Pan Africanist perspective, is one of the lasting contributions Clarke dispensed to students and life long learners.
This volume is a compilation of unpublished critical essays solicited by selected scholars and reprinted articles of Clarke. The subject categories are in the subject areas of: Critical essays, Black Nationalism, Africana thought and biography, Africana historiography, narratives, and global Pan Africanist political thought. Moreover, in reviewing the scholarship of Clarke, he sequentially queried the privilege of selected cultural groups and the systematic subordination of others. Indeed, these questions regulate the parameters of who decides who gets what and why Clarke was concerned about issues of equity, but prioritized issues and schema of moral and ethical behavior of humans. Still with and ardent and critical analysis concerning the status of Africa world affairs, Clarke was a humanist, who dedicated himself to the advance the social, political, and economic condition of African people throughout the world.

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