The Book Your Church Doesn’t Want You To Read Vol. 3


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Once in a long while a book comes along that challenges tradition and shakes our belief in the very institutions we trust most.

The Book Your Church* Doesn’t Want You To Read presents a rare and honest look at one of the most controversial issues of all time: religion. Packed with essays from world-renowned theologians, historians, and researchers, this ground-breaking anthology exposes misrepresentations, challenges age-old beliefs, and seeks to reveal the whole truth to anyone who has ever been told what to believe. It discloses the shocking origins and frail histories of the world’s major religions and answers questions you never even knew you had. But more than anything, The Book urges and inspires readers to think for themselves.

“Absolutely too important to be ignored, censored or dismissed! The Book shall rightfully hold its place as a best seller.” -Bill Jenkins


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