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A handcrafted MOJO Bag, smudged by the purity of White Sage & made up of several different herbs, resins, salt, crystals & essential oil, all which carry the highest vibrations to help welcome in positivity, good juju, love & prosperity. It offers abundant blessings from all directions.  The MOJO Bag develops a “personality” of it’s own (only for YOU), with the highest vibrational spirits and angels bringing it to life and creating a magickal conductor of prosperity, attracting good luck each and every time it is carried by it’s owner. Once you dedicate this MOJO bag for your personal use, it is important to be the only one to possess it. The handling of others may take away some of the magick and personal energy you have put into it. This naturally scented MOJO bag is good for healing the aura, opening the heart, attracting positive energy, creating self-love & respect, abundant energy, detoxing negativity & creating inspiration to the spirit. You can place this MOJO bag in your sacred space, hang it in your kitchen or over your hearth to welcome in blessings to your home & family.  It is up to you, simply start giving gratitude for each blessing, big or small, that comes your way!  Use this bag in your highest good.


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