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According to author and professor John G. Jackson, not enough students are aware that European history is a product of the recent past — that European culture was not indigenous, but derived from the older civilizations of African and Asia. Now, in this fascinating volume, he sets the record straight.

Man, God and Civilization explores a wealth of ancient, classical, and contemporary literature, sources as diverse as Herodotus, Charles and Darwin, and W. E. B. DuBois, to draw sound documented, often iconoclastic conclusions. The author shows, for example:

  • The evidence for and against the lost continent of Atlantis
  • How the myths of Egypt tell a true story of theological changes that predate written history
  • The truth about the black race’s creative contributions to civilization
  • Why the environment is a limiting agent rather than a determining one
  • And other fascinating historical corrections

Here is a primer in geology, archaeology, biology, and sociology, as well as a sophisticated anthropological study. To every student of man’s nature and history, it offers a wealth of controversial, provocative material.
Man, God, and Civilization
by John G. Jackson


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