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African Wood Furniture: Ashanti Gye Nyame Sitting Stool from Ghana. African wood furniture holds a particular importance to the people of the Ashanti tribe in Ghana. This comes from their legend of the Golden Stool (sika ‘dwa) which the Ashanti people believe holds the ‘Sunsum’, or spirit, of the proud West African tribal. They believe that if the Golden Stool was ever lost or stolen, then the very tribe itself would cease to exist. It is both a sacred stool and a symbol of nationhood and identity.  ashanti-gye-nyame-sitting-stoolI was particularly delighted when I came across this version of the Golden Stool when browsing through online catalogs. The rustic style African wood furniture seat incorporates the Gye Nyame symbol which signifies the power of God to the Ashanti people. It’s made from premium Cedar wood and is individually hand crafted.  If you have a fondness for African culture and decor, then this Ashanti Gye Nyame Sitting Stool will be a great addition to your home. With it’s cultural significance and history, it will be a talking point among family and friends. 


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