The African Place is the largest African imports retailer in the South. We carry a wide assortment of African clothing, artwork, musical instruments, jewelry, oils, shea butter, soaps, personal care products, meditational items, Rasta apparel along with conscious books and DVDs.
The African Place was created in 1999 as West African Artifacts, it was renamed The African Place, in 2010. It is operated by Trina Clemmons, the owner, and her sister, Doris Clemmons. The two have dedicated numerous years in research and operating this business that’s welcomed and received by many.
In travels to the Motherland, The African Place is afforded international business associates and knowledge in the business of importing. As a part of the Tri-state area (Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi), our efforts are to strongly meet additional demands for our wide selection of African creations by advertising via website, social media, and word of mouth. Our new location has allowed us to go beyond ‘just’ retail. Our recent expansion will cater to additional concerns in the community with use of The African Place Cafè and The Lion’s Den, the rental hall.